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Is your website still in the dark? SEO Agency Perth will help your business see the light of day in the digital world using targeted and data-driven SEO strategies. We pride ourselves as  Perth’s leading SEO agency, which businesses turn to for maximum ROI and tangible impact.

It is all about expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Perth's SEO Company that will rank your website in no time.


If you are looking for a Perth SEO agency committed to helping your local business get more website traffic, better search results, and greater profitability, we have the tried and tested search engine optimisation SEO strategies you need.

Speaking of scaling your search engine optimisation, you can rely on the expertise of our SEO specialist to identify, prioritise and execute crucial SEO Perth campaigns at any level necessary. We use proven SEO strategies to deliver strictly documented results you can measure.

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Local Perth SEO done right

We cater to all businesses, big or small, as the SEO company Perth has seen, bringing your brand to greater heights while meeting ROI ROI targets.
Local SEO can be confusing and time-consuming for any business owner to learn and implement successfully. We have taken out all the guesswork that often surrounds this specialised type of search engine optimisation. We provide local SEO services in a way that will only be beneficial for our Perth clients. Your marketing team need not spend time working on every single visitor your site attracts with our proven SEO track record. No jargon or fancy
charts. Instead, we provide clear reports of how we have implemented the fully customised local SEO strategy to bring your brand to the forefront and keep you there. We have also made even the more comprehensive search engine optimisation reports, and SEO Perth audits easy to understand and process.

Perth SEO services at your disposal

Local SEO aside, we are a full-spectrum SEO company Perth businesses can rely on, given our wide range of compelling SEO services rendered by SEO experts for the following:

Keyword research and analysis

Dominate the competitive Perth SEO market with the help of the right keywords to have a top showing in each related google search. Keyword research provides insight into what users are actively searching on the internet, which could be about your business. We utilise cutting-edge tools to determine the most optimal keyword strategy for your product or service, including your competition. Aside from keyword research, we also steer your content marketing plan towards increasing ranking, visibility, and organic traffic.

Technical SEO

Your site will require a solid digital foundation. Every second of delay your visitor encounters on your website increases abandonment (bounce rate), decreasing potential buyers.  Our technical SEO consultants take steps to ensure your site is simple to navigate and free of technical issues, which will make it easy for search engines to understand and, at the same time, provide a stellar user experience.

On-page SEO

Google can be unpredictable; one minute, you think you’re doing it right with your SEO Perth, and those established SEO strategies have ceased to work the next. While working on your on-page SEO, we optimise elements on your website, such as meta descriptions and page titles, to name a few. You can rely on our Perth SEO team to stay on top of updates that impact how your content appears on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Off-page SEO

At SEO Agency Perth, we don’t just focus on content within your website. We get our hands dirty, taking actions outside it which are just as important in increasing your search engine ranking and domain authority. Along with our extensive study of your business, our SEO Perth experts add authoritative backlinks and strengthen your social media pages for further link- building and brand mentions.

Performance monitoring

We track, we measure, and more importantly, we improve, always. Tracking your SEO results is just as vital as planning your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. We religiously monitor what works and doesn’t, provide you with perspectives and clarity either way and
what we plan to do moving forward. We conduct API monitoring as well as regular checks on the technical stuff.


Here’s an idea of what you can expect from our proven SEO process:

Our Perth SEO team conducts thorough research, including anything and everything about your industry, competition, keywords, and current situation.

After establishing specific, measurable, and realistic SEO goals, we lay out digital
marketing plans, pick content marketing activities and SEO strategies and conduct acomprehensive SEO audit.

We carry out all the plans and strategies for our SEO clients, which may come in the form of a relaunched website or more robust and relevant content using optimal keywords, link-building campaigns, and execution of necessary changes.

We track SEO efforts using observable metrics and analytics that show keyword ranking, backlink growth, conversion, organic search, mobile traffic, bounce rate, web activity, clickthrough rate (CTR), domain authority, and perhaps more.

Our SEO experts assess the performance based on the SEO goals set out pertaining to search engine rankings, raw website traffic, brand image, customer engagement, lead acquisition, conversions, and e-commerce sales revenues.

Based on the SEO results, we will either sustain them or tap other SEO strategies. We will stop at nothing to attain if not exceed your SEO goals – that’s our guarantee!

Semantic SEO Approach

Google is the undisputed search engine powerhouse in the SEO industry, with more than 94% overall market share in Australia. Not only can we help improve your website traffic by getting on the first page of Google, but we also render the kind of Perth SEO services that aim to keep you high up there. As your SEO Perth experts, we visualise that your customers get to see your brand’s content marketing when they need your products or services!

Hire us as your SEO marketing agency today and start getting winning SEO results that may have eluded your business until now.

We eat, drink, and breathe SEO – we know our stuff!


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Perth-based SEO team with abundant experience that only delivers winning SEO results minus lock-in SEO contracts

We provide search engine optimisation (SEO) consulting and analysis in plain, easy-to-understand English. When we walk you through an audit of your site’s current search engine results, we explain how key data points impact your profitability. Unlike other SEO specialists in Perth, our SEO strategy is custom-tailored to your business needs, target audience, and growth plans.
We have become a trusted SEO company in Perth because we under-promise but over-deliver. If you are results-driven like us, we are just the right SEO team for your business.
Collaborate with us TODAY and see how we have helped many Perth businesses of all sizes, one successful SEO campaign after another.

SEO Tools And Technologies We are Using

Got more questions regarding SEO?

Get the most straightforward answers by checking out our FAQs section here.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing tool for websites to achieve higher
rankings on a search engine results page (SERP). For example, an internet user types “Perth
SEO agency” or “SEO agency Perth” on Google. Often, they would only check out search
results found on the first page of Google. Hence, companies are vying for that coveted top
spot or appear among the first few found on the first page of Google since a small percentage
would only care to scroll down to the bottom. Talk to any of our SEO Perth experts to benefit
from our SEO services.

Many SEO types cater to a specific area or set of tasks. Some of them include the following:

Local SEO

Local SEO is the same with SEO as we know it, only that it narrows its target audience to a
specific area or region. For example, your company aims to show up on the first page of
Google when somebody types “Perth SEO agency” or “SEO agency Perth” and not necessarily claim the keywords “Australia SEO agency” since you can only serve Perth residents anyway.

Technical SEO

This type of SEO makes sure that search engines like Google can crawl your website by improving your web infrastructure in terms of speed, mobile friendliness, and ease of navigation.

On-page SEO

Also referred to as on-site SEO, on-page SEO focuses on organising website content to cater
to SEO parameters like keywords, meta descriptions, headers, page titles, images, etc.

Off-page SEO

While on-page optimisation is focused on content found on the website, off-page SEO is
about optimising anything outside it. Having links to other sites and a presence in the social
media trifecta of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also contribute to favourable SEO results.

Although keyword research plays an important role in a website’s SEO ranking, it also
depends on several other factors. These factors include your web structure, web content,
page speed, quality of backlinks, social media presence, etc. You should also note that SEO
requirements change now and then, so you must have a skilled SEO team to keep up with
any updates to achieve high search visibility.

Aside from your website failing to show up on the first page of Google, any business in a
highly competitive industry that relies heavily on online transactions can use a lot of help from
SEO. Consumers today use Google search engine to help them find products and services.
This organic search means you don’t have to pay for ad space to appear on search engine
results pages. Once your website is found, it already increases your chances of making a
sale. SEO will boost online credibility, visibility, and organic traffic.

SEO is no easy feat; it entails a lot of work, especially if you have tough competition in your
industry. SEO goals are achieved by working on your site and learning about your competitors
and how they conduct their business.

While it is worth noting that there other tools for competitor analysis, SEO competitive
analysis allows you to identify what your SEO rivals are doing. How do you know who they
are? They are the ones who appear when you type your keywords. For example, when you type “Perth SEO company,” you will discover how many competitors you have for this keyphrase. However, these SEO rivals may be different from the big players in your field, but they are the ones you should focus on when employing SEO.

One way to benefit from an SEO competitive analysis is through Term Frequency-Inverse
Document Frequency or TFIDF. It helps you populate your own content with keywords
frequently used by your SEO rivals. You can also check out their social media leverage and observe how often they come out with their posts, the way they engage, etc.

When practising SEO, it is important to acquire links to your website from other websites,
known as backlinks. Contrary to misconceptions, link building is not only a matter of having as
many backlinks as you can obtain. These backlinks should also come from websites with high
domain authority, which can truly make a difference in your SEO. It simply tells you that the
website source is trusted not only by Google search engine algorithms but also by actual site
users. Quality link-building is a good SEO strategy, although realistically, it is a pipe dream for
small and medium websites to acquire such backlinks, making it difficult to achieve.

The monthly SEO price range in Perth is from AU$750 to AU$3000. A client with a limited
budget may be tempted to avail of cheap SEO services. However, you should consider that
the actual price should relate to your expected SEO results and the amount of work required
to achieve them. Otherwise, it is pointless to go for the cheapest Perth SEO agency if they
simply sell their SEO service instead of doing what it takes to achieve your desired SEO

Yes, there is. Anyone willing to learn and put in the work can do SEO independently. It will
require a substantial amount of research and trial-and-error. After all, you learn from mistakes
which can improve your skill over time, that is, if you have lots of it to spare. For this reason,
companies that have in-house marketing teams would still opt to outsource their SEO
marketing to an SEO agency.

While backlinks originate outside your website, internal links are ones sourced within the
website. In other words, it would be easier to establish internal links than to acquire backlinks.
Both are presented as hyperlinks and impact SEO. An example of a text that could be linked
internally would be, “You can secure the services of a Perth SEO agency…” The anchor text is
Perth SEO agency, which, when clicked, would bring the site visitor to the contact page or
home page inside the website.

These online tools can diagnose your current website SEO based on different aspects,
revealing both opportunities and areas needing improvement to achieve search visibility. With
the help of automation and algorithms, they can save precious time, especially keyword
research. SEO companies often utilise them to aid in their SEO strategy assessment,
development, and analysis.

Yes, it is true, Google may penalise your website. Your search engine ranking will drop dramatically, or you
will be delisted in the search engine results. With this Google penalty, your site will no longer appear during a Google search. It happens when Google detects you are employing black hat SEO strategies or any violation according to their Webmaster guidelines. Black hat SEO is SEO malpractice where your site uses spammy links, private links, suspicious redirects, and cloaked images as typical examples. Just do not do it, hire an expert to deal with your SEO campaigns.

Digital marketing and content marketing are interwoven topics, working hand-in-hand to promote your brand and increase organic traffic and sales. At the same time, content marketing is a subset of digital marketing with a much broader scope. In a simpler analogy, digital marketing is the solar system, making content marketing one of its planets.

Offhand, SEO results are not instant. Every SEO strategy can produce results at different
times. Nonetheless, you may see considerable changes, such as an increase in organic traffic
in six to twelve months, and these results can grow over time.

Google My Business, which is now referred to as Google Business Profile, is one of the things
optimised when performing local SEO. It can be very impactful for SEO as it helps increase
CTR. It displays your website address and location on Google maps, and allows you to
publish posts about your company where you can leverage keywords. When customers want
information about your business, an SEO agency Perth, for instance, usually would refer to it.
This business profile has its dedicated space on the right side of the Google page, which is
very visible. It also provides an opportunity for your customers to leave reviews, which is
another element that contributes to SEO.

A longtail keyword would be a more detailed text used as a keyphrase during an organic
search. For example, when you type “SEO agencies,” you can expect tons of suggestions,
with each SEO agency competing for the said keywords. But often, visitors would like to
narrow the Google search results by adding more keywords, thereby typing instead, “Perth
SEO agencies for small business.” It would have less Google search activity, but it also
means less competition for that keyphrase which can serve as a more realistic SEO goal for a
niche website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is typically mistaken as an umbrella term for Search engine
marketing (SEM) or vice-versa. These marketing practices are actually different from one
another. If SEO tackles free organic searches, SEM is focused on paid Google search
through Google ads and Google Adwords.

We will charge you based on the SEO service or services our SEO team will
provide. We can assure you that our SEO agency Perth office will offer the best SEO cost that
has a lot of value and is designed to deliver tailor-fitted SEO service that is highly structured
and results-oriented. Allow our SEO company to make a difference in your business by sending an email at [email protected]

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